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Two Princes in the Dirty

Before I get started note that I don’t plan on reviving @hwaleswatch. Tweeting every news item that pops up and letting you know that Prince Harry just farted at the All Star Lanes or bought a frappucino two minutes ago takes too much time (also: boring.) Okay, I lied. I succumb too easily to peer pressure and am apparently a masochist. I’m giving @hwaleswatch a trial run to see if I really want it back in my life or not.

But I’ve been unable to completely give up royal watching and my resolve to do so is tested by constant pleas to start tweeting again. So I’m thinking of blogging here semi-regularly just to get my royal ‘pinions out there. This would also spare my non-royal twitter followers who DGAF about the Kardashians of Kensington Palace. ( I just coined that term on my other blog. You like it?) Maybe there will even be some guest bloggers now and then.

Let’s do it. This week was all about the clusterfuck in Bluff City (oh and a breakup.) No pics this time as I don’t have time to run around getting permission to use photos you’ve already seen.

For the tl;dr types, here’s your DM-style bullet points:

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Meet the Royal Press: a Q&A with Richard Palmer


Richard Palmer is the royal correspondent for the U.K.’s Daily Express. He’s one of the most active royal correspondents on Twitter with over 20 thousand followers. His popularity is no doubt due to his honest commentary on the royals and his ready interaction with his followers. Fortunately, that same openness allowed me to quiz him a bit. Enjoy!

What’s your background and how did you begin covering the royal family?

I’ve been a reporter for 30 years in various guises and have written about a whole range of subjects, from the environment to crime, education, international news ( particularly the Balkans and the Middle East), and sport. I spent eight years at The Sunday Times, worked in Paris and the Middle East regional headquarters in Nicosia for Agence France-Presse, covered sport for the Sunday and then Daily Express, helped set up an internet start-up, and then returned to the Daily Express at the end of 2001.
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A Q&A with Royal Biographer, Marcia Moody

Author Marcia MoodyMarcia was one of the many royal journalists I was delighted to meet in Colorado. Having recently released a biography on Kate she’s now in the midst of completing a bio on Prince Harry (due out next Spring.) Not bad work if you can get it, huh? She was kind of enough to provide some insight into what it’s like writing about royalty for a living.

What’s your background and how did you begin writing about the royal family?

My background is in celebrity journalism. I was features editor on OK magazine which had always focused on what the mainstream audience was interested in, and there hadn’t previously been much demand for royal stories. When William and Kate got engaged, the whole country sat up, and suddenly it seemed everyone wanted to read about the royal family. I was made royal correspondent, and then wrote Kate: A Biography which is out right now, and Harry: A Biography which is out in the spring. I wanted to write the books for a younger readership, and those who are newly-intrigued about the royal family and want to know more.


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A Royal Disgrace – Sentebale in Dubai

Prince Harry does great work with Sentebale. The commitment he and Prince Seesio have made to bettering the lives of the children of Lesotho deserves much praise. Making a difference takes money. I imagine turning down large sums of it is something non-profits are loathe to do. But this October 7th fundraising dinner is a poor move no matter how much can be done with the money.

Expensive yachts surrounded by glittering skyscrapers.

Dubai’s glittery illusion.
(Photo courtesy of Ikon Pictures)

Dubai has positioned itself as a modern, friendly city in the midst of Western-hostile, conservative nations. It sells itself as progressive, glamorous, and the perfect holiday destination for Western travelers with money to spend. But it’s a farce.

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A chat with the creators of “The Royals: Prince Harry”

comic panel of Prince Harry in war

(Originally published August 11, 2011.)

On August 24, Prince Harry’s joining the long list of celebrities with colorful biographies. This isn’t a tell-all but rather a new comic book published by Bluewater Productions. Artist Justin Currie and author C.W. Cooke were kind enough to answer my comic-newbie questions about their work on our favorite prince of the realm. Continue reading

Keep working that free throw line, Hazza

Today was a busy day for Harry, Will & Kate watchers. I love seeing them together but there needs to be a better name for them than Three Musketeers. Ideas? Oh, also, have you seen the new website for their foundation? Love it.

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Back to the, Back to the UK: News round-up

Harry’s Diamond Jubilee tour was too much to keep up with. My eyes barely left Twitter long enough to see to feeding myself much less blog – hence giving up after the Bahamas. I’m still digesting the awesomeness of Jamaica and Brazil. Perhaps I’ll post about those legs come July when it’s hot and news is dragging. As it is I’m still digging up stuff I missed at the time like this great photoset of Harry taking snapshots when he arrived in Brazil. I wonder how many of his personal snapshots include people taking snaps of him? Anyway, until I get nostalgic and decide to wallow in the PH-overdose of the tour, there are plenty of summaries online including the posts on Kelly’s blog. Worth a look. Continue reading

Bahamas: “Damn, you look smart.”

I don’t know if there are home runs in cricket but in old fashioned American baseball when someone “knocks it out of the park” they are the boss. Day four of his tour for the Diamond Jubilee and Prince Harry is showing he is el jefe. The world’s coming around to what Harry fans have known all along – he is the Royal Family’s secret weapon.

Based on the warmth and rapport he displayed with children and on walkabouts in the Bahamas, many news outlets have been comparing him to Diana. This comparison is tiresome when it’s applied to, oh, Kate but with Harry it rings true. Not to slight William, who gets much love at HWW HQ, but Harry has inherited the best of his mother. She was magic with people. She dazzled them. And her youngest son appears to have that soulful touch as well.  Continue reading

Belize: “You’re stuck with me.”

If the rest of the tour is anything like his first stop, I think it’s safe to say Prince Harry’s going to knock this one out of the park. Admittedly, a royal tour like this is a pretty soft sell. Local foods, cute chilluns, native music and pulling back teeny curtains to revel plaques — not much to mess up in that scenario. But nonetheless someone with sandy neither regions will always look to find fault with a royal in the midst of their oh so taxing 9-5 work. Harry of course is no exception. To that later. First, the good bits. Continue reading

“Prince Harry Gets Inked & Zara Gets Hitched” News roundup, 25 July – 31 July

More details were released this week on the upcoming comic book and graphic novel being released on August 24th. “The Royals: Prince Harry,” is the latest biographical title from the same company who inked William and Kate this spring. . Early reaction seems mixed. Some people dislike the released cover art (hello, it’s a comic not the NPG) others question the worthiness of Harry as comic book hero. The latter is just laughable. Was there ever a royal MORE worthy of being part of a comic strip? I’m looking forward to this. Any positive attention and admiring spotlight cast on him gets an A+ in my book.

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