Bahamas: “Damn, you look smart.”

I don’t know if there are home runs in cricket but in old fashioned American baseball when someone “knocks it out of the park” they are the boss. Day four of his tour for the Diamond Jubilee and Prince Harry is showing he is el jefe. The world’s coming around to what Harry fans have known all along – he is the Royal Family’s secret weapon.

Based on the warmth and rapport he displayed with children and on walkabouts in the Bahamas, many news outlets have been comparing him to Diana. This comparison is tiresome when it’s applied to, oh, Kate but with Harry it rings true. Not to slight William, who gets much love at HWW HQ, but Harry has inherited the best of his mother. She was magic with people. She dazzled them. And her youngest son appears to have that soulful touch as well. 

Day 1

Harry and his entourage are lucky to have their private jet. Flying like a movie they were able to make a smooth entrance Saturday night, inspect some troops and be whisked off to their hotel while much of the hapless press crew (or their equipment) were left stranded in Miami. TSA, don’t you know these people are on a mission? But lucky for the far-flung reporters and photographers the visit wasn’t to fully get underway until the next morning.

Since he’s out on the road representing his grandmother, the Supreme Governor of the CoE, makes sense that H. stopped by church on Sunday. We got our first glimpses of a couple of things at this outing:

  1. His tropical white dress uniform
  2. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal
  3. And this tour’s answer to the bottle service girl, Miss Bahamas!

On the first… You know I’ve never been a fan of the dress uniform. Maybe it’s the tunic-y top or something, don’t know but I really prefer fatigues. It was a nice change of pace to see the crisp white though. Would it have hurt to do white pants too? Oh wait, there’s still polo to come. Ah, yes, much better. Love the white pants.

The medal: Harry got to debut it! Good for him! Nobody would’ve cared if Edward had been sporting it this week. (Sorry Eddie.)

And last but not least, poor Miss Bahamas (or Anastagia Pierre as she’s called when she’s at home.) She quickly learned what happens to any reasonably attractive woman to make casually admiring remarks about, meet the eyes of, visit the club next door to, or stand within 100 yards of Hazza. Within minutes of the press making this casual association you’re setting up your wedding registry! After cheesecaking it up for the photogs and telling the papers that Harry was “hot” and she’d marry him she then complained everyone blew everything out of proportion. No they didn’t. It’s called getting some press and you did a good job at it. But hey there are way worse things to try and grab some ink (pixels) over than gushing over Captain Wales. No hate for you, sister.

After church Harry slipped into his standard navy suit and did the ribbon cutting/teeny curtain bit opening the Queen’s Jubilee Exhibition at Rawson Square. There was a walkabout and gift giving. Harry got a (pretty good) portrait of himself. He got three paintings in the Bahamas. I look forward to seeing his gift list.

After this official bit he made a break neck trip to Harbour Island. Taking the formality down a further notch, Harry showed up in a navy blue Ralph Lauren polo shirt and dark pants. And still the desert boots which, turns out, aren’t the ubiquitous Clark’s brand but the more posh brand Russel and Bromley. And they aren’t even available in stores yet. Well, la di da, Henry. Daily Mail reporter Rebecca English who brought us the dirt on the boots tweeted that there was some indecision in his hotel that afternoon about whether to go fatigues or casual for this island hopping trip. Love fatigues but have to say he made preppy look pretty damn good so thumbs up.

This part of his trip was super short but created lots of good bits. The “go fast” boat he was on broke down on it’s way to the island and he had to slum it on the media boat. Then, once on the island he was given the royal tour by India Hicks.

Former bridesmaid to his mother and granddaughter of Earl Mountbatten, Ms. Hicks is a prominent interior designer and Bahamian. The Telegraph incorrectly stated that she runs a hotel. But twitter user @heyimisabella , who was kind enough to share her photos with us, clarified “this article says India Hicks runs my parents hotel. She did the interior design for it but she doesn’t run it.” Harry apparently had dinner with his mother’s old friend. Sounds like a nice private break in such a hectic trip.

Even though he was only there for about half an hour he went down gangbusters on the tiny island. Hundreds poured out to see him while he moseyed along on golf cart done up like a mardi gras float. Cute pics of him with little school kids too. Aww.

Day 2

His final Bahamas appearance happened Monday morning at Youth Rally at the National Stadium. Thousands of kids turned out like it was Bieber or One Direction concert. Rock star! And did he look the part. Seriously if someone said “cream linen suit” would you expect it to be worn as suavely as he wore it? And with those shades… *cue up “Prince Harry Swag”*. Kate better look out, he’s gaining on her. The quote in the title is from the speech he gave, telling the young ones they were pretty fly themselves. Confidence is important these days.

Sartorial wins aside, this was a great appearance as it really put on display how well he connects with young people. Apparently he left the podium o’ dignitaries and sat with the students. The story of this little girl, who apparently gave a better speech than him, is also heartwarming. Prince Harry makes friends with blind ‘student of the year’ at Bahamas youth rally.

What an awesome two days. The next two stops will really be a proving ground for Harry, though. As we know, Jamaica’s prime minister has suggested they leave the commonwealth and protestors have promised to disrupt his visit to Brazil. Based on what we’ve seen so far, I think he can handle it.



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