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Bahamas: “Damn, you look smart.”

I don’t know if there are home runs in cricket but in old fashioned American baseball when someone “knocks it out of the park” they are the boss. Day four of his tour for the Diamond Jubilee and Prince Harry is showing he is el jefe. The world’s coming around to what Harry fans have known all along – he is the Royal Family’s secret weapon.

Based on the warmth and rapport he displayed with children and on walkabouts in the Bahamas, many news outlets have been comparing him to Diana. This comparison is tiresome when it’s applied to, oh, Kate but with Harry it rings true. Not to slight William, who gets much love at HWW HQ, but Harry has inherited the best of his mother. She was magic with people. She dazzled them. And her youngest son appears to have that soulful touch as well.  Continue reading Bahamas: “Damn, you look smart.”


Belize: “You’re stuck with me.”

If the rest of the tour is anything like his first stop, I think it’s safe to say Prince Harry’s going to knock this one out of the park. Admittedly, a royal tour like this is a pretty soft sell. Local foods, cute chilluns, native music and pulling back teeny curtains to revel plaques — not much to mess up in that scenario. But nonetheless someone with sandy neither regions will always look to find fault with a royal in the midst of their oh so taxing 9-5 work. Harry of course is no exception. To that later. First, the good bits. Continue reading Belize: “You’re stuck with me.”