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“The Sport of Kings” – A Polo Primer

Prince Harry playing polo.
Prince Harry at home in the saddle.

If you’re an American your first thought when hearing “polo” might be clothes worn by preppies. (If it makes you feel better Google thinks this too.) But if you’re a royal watcher, you immediately think divots, white pants, ponies with braided tails, and Princes. I’m with you there.

Polo isn’t called the sport of kings for nothing. Royals, who are practically on horseback before they’re out of their nappies, like to play this sport the way the rest of us like to sit on the couch and watch other people play sports. It suits their lifestyle well. A player needs multiple horses ($), a huge field out in some place away from plebeian facilities such as public bus lines and KFCs ($$), beautiful celebrity spectators who have no problem ruining a pair of Louboutins stamping the divots ($$$) and champagne and carriages to wrap it all up ($$$$). You’re never going to stumble across a pick-up polo game in the ‘hood. Pity.

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