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Two Princes in the Dirty

Before I get started note that I don’t plan on reviving @hwaleswatch. Tweeting every news item that pops up and letting you know that Prince Harry just farted at the All Star Lanes or bought a frappucino two minutes ago takes too much time (also: boring.) Okay, I lied. I succumb too easily to peer pressure and am apparently a masochist. I’m giving @hwaleswatch a trial run to see if I really want it back in my life or not.

But I’ve been unable to completely give up royal watching and my resolve to do so is tested by constant pleas to start tweeting again. So I’m thinking of blogging here semi-regularly just to get my royal ‘pinions out there. This would also spare my non-royal twitter followers who DGAF about the Kardashians of Kensington Palace. ( I just coined that term on my other blog. You like it?) Maybe there will even be some guest bloggers now and then.

Let’s do it. This week was all about the clusterfuck in Bluff City (oh and a breakup.) No pics this time as I don’t have time to run around getting permission to use photos you’ve already seen.

For the tl;dr types, here’s your DM-style bullet points:

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Back to the, Back to the UK: News round-up

Harry’s Diamond Jubilee tour was too much to keep up with. My eyes barely left Twitter long enough to see to feeding myself much less blog – hence giving up after the Bahamas. I’m still digesting the awesomeness of Jamaica and Brazil. Perhaps I’ll post about those legs come July when it’s hot and news is dragging. As it is I’m still digging up stuff I missed at the time like this great photoset of Harry taking snapshots when he arrived in Brazil. I wonder how many of his personal snapshots include people taking snaps of him? Anyway, until I get nostalgic and decide to wallow in the PH-overdose of the tour, there are plenty of summaries online including the posts on Kelly’s blog. Worth a look. Continue reading Back to the, Back to the UK: News round-up

“Prince Harry did some stuff this week” News Roundup, 7/24/11

Although I have been working on some non-news posts, I haven’t updated the site in a couple of weeks because nothing’s really been going on in Harry Land. But yesterday brought official royal duties in the form of presenting the King George VI & Queen Elizabeth Stakes trophy at Ascot. There were lots of nice pictures, including a couple with his BFF Jake Warren, always a favorite with the ladies. Unfortunately, one of the horses, Rewilding, broke his leg and had to be put down. I don’t pretend to understand why. These royal sports don’t always sit well with my animal-loving side. Video from Ascot:

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News Roundup 20 June – 3 July – Florence and the Prince

Can someone send me a Killers’ track? I think I need to give them a listen for saving us from having to ponder how much air Pippa’s kitty cat was catching at Westminster Abbey. It was at the band’s show at the Hard Rock Calling on 24 June where Harry, with Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie in tow, destroyed the hard work of tabloids and bloggers everywhere with the glib proclamation, “Pippa? Ha! No, I am not seeing anyone at the moment. I’m 100 percent single.”

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News Roundup 13 June – 19 June – Harry back to Afghanistan?

At the start of the week it looked like the biggest story would be the white undershirt Harry wore at Sunday’s Sentable cup but then The Sun kicked a hornet’s nest. Thursday the tabloid ran a story on Harry’s future redeployment to Afghanistan. Apparently, he will be redeployed as a pilot with his division sometime next spring or summer, assuming he successfully completes his “conversion-to-role” training and there is still action in Afghanistan. Harry has always made it plain that he intends to return to active duty and his placement in Apache training showed the government intended to honor his wishes. Apache pilots are an elite bunch and it is unlikely the British army would waste money on expensive training for someone who would never be able to use it in battle. As one reporter said, the Apache is one of the safest places in combat and, out of available active duty roles, it makes sense as the one of choice for a “VIP” like Harry.

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