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Prince Harry in 2014 – Romance: Please, please PLEASE let there be a Scottish throw down

Nothing sparks a good headline quite like a royal romance. Now that William and Catherine are married, with kids and infinitely boring, we continue to watch the comings and goings of Harry’s female friends. 2014 saw Cressida Bonas come and go. And then (allegedly) come again go, again. In what appeared to be a bold statement, Cress walked the We Day carpet, presumably in support of not only her sort-of-sister in law (Holly Branson), but also her boyfriend, Prince Harry. Harry played a significant role in the event, delivering a speech about “giving back” to the more than 12,000 young people in attendance.

After returning to his seat, Cressida was photographed congratulating him with an affectionate embrace. Photos of the two of them graced the front pages and media from around the world predicted that an engagement was coming soon – camera shy Cressida had taken a big step on her journey toward life as a Royal by showing up at an official engagement to support her man. Only weeks later, it was reported that the two had broken up, supposedly over a row about Harry attending Guy Pelly’s wedding + related activities in Memphis, Tennessee. Cressida was papped numerous times over the next several months looking sullen and teary eyed. But then, just when we had all written this frail, fragile looking wee blonde off, BAM, Cress pulls a Kate Middleton. At least that’s what the media hypothesized – just like Kate had done after her highly publicized break up with William in 2007, Cress was living it up, single and ready to mingle. From sullen to smiley, Cress was creating a new story for us; one that saw her surrounded by girlfriends, breaking out some side boob, putting on lipstick – this girl was just fine.

Enter summer. Enter Camilla Thurlow.

We now know, if she was anything at all, she was a summer fling. After a little spit swapping at a club one night, we knew all about the Scottish beauty queen who once worked as a store clerk at Abercrombie + Fitch, and was now working for Harry’s mother’s charity, Halo Trust. By the end of August, the media had Harry and the brunette beauty shacked up on a yacht in St. Tropez and wedding bells were heard off in the distance.



By September, the wedding bells and kilt laden ceremony at Westminster Abby was off, because WHAMMO Cress was snapped at the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games. And then again, with Harry at a movie.

Cressida, exit stage left. We haven’t seen the two of them together again since. Although it’s been reported that Harry has been snogging around and / or hooking up with randoms, nothing has really stuck.

So, the Harry and Cressida question still looms. Are they? Aren’t they? Who the hell knows. All I really know is that Cress has game. And we know Harry likes a good chase. If they are still together they are flying under the radar. In a huge way – Cressida has gone off to vocal training in Scotland and Harry is still in England. Maybe she’ll run into Cammie T and there’ll be a Scottish throw down, Highland Games style. One can only dream…


The problem with Harry’s “shameful” confession

The fear of public speaking. The queasy feeling some of us get when we walk into a room full of people and are expected to perform. To be “someone”. I get it. I do. I have a full blown, diagnosed anxiety disorder. And it was, at one time, debilitating. So much so that I was hopping myself up on prescribed drugs every day. At the time, I was working full time in Strategic Business Planning and Public Relations. I was expected to speak to rooms full of people, and if it wasn’t me speaking, I was writing the words others would say, and that’s a whole other kind of pressure. 

Nervousness and anxiety is no joke, and if HRH had legitimized his “fear” with a bit of meat, I’d likely applaud. But, how does nervousness and a fear of public speaking make you vulnerable and open to ridicule like those living with AIDS or HIV? Harry, how can you compare your shame to theirs? You can’t.

Here’s the thing, if Prince Harry had come forward with “I’ve had to speak to a therapist / need the support of medication / learn to use meditation and breath work to cope with it…” I’d probably give him a Hi5. There is a certain taboo related to those coping mechanisms. But is a fear of public speaking really all that taboo? Aside from being mildly charming, his secret does not demonstrate the aim of the campaign. In fact, it dilutes it. The headline is now about Harry’s fear of public speaking. The argument could be made that the purpose of the campaign would be diluted simply by virtue of his participation, but, and this is a significant but, had his secret had some serious shame associated with it, the headline may swing more toward Harry’s shame. And shame, is what the campaign is trying to address. The shame related to living with AIDS and HIV. It’s entry to the cause through a back door, but it’s an entry nonetheless. Fear of public speaking? No entry. Doors are locked. Barricades are up. In fact, someone find the Emergency Exit so this poor bloke can try to slip out without being egged.

I realize that revealing a devastating, deep, dark secret is not something that would ever be approved by The Firm and their PR team. However, pushing past the superficial would have gone a long way in demonstrating and cementing his passion for the purpose of the campaign and for the campaign, itself. The idea was, and IS, a great one. It’s unfortunate that the execution lacked foresight and appropriate message planning.


All aboard for the OMAN + UAE tour

Harry will soon be en route to Oman and the United Arab Emirates. While the Oman invitation was extended His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said, their Royal Highnesses will likely not have the opportunity to shoot the shit over cocktails. Unfortunately, due to ill health, The Sultan has had to cancel his engagements with Prince Harry. Both parties are still keen for Harry to follow through on the visit, which will now likely be equal parts personal and official duty. After spending time in Oman, the white pants will break free and take to the polo field in Abu Dhabi for the Sentebale Polo Cup.

Harry’s “official” schedule is as follows, below. Unofficial shenanigans will likely be reported in due course. Continue reading All aboard for the OMAN + UAE tour

Prince Harry and The Mile-High Royal Road Trip

Warning: The following is a long, chatty memoir of my visit to the Warrior Games in 2013. If you want a real report and play-by-play of the event, you should check out Kelly’s blog. She’s better at that type of thing.

Prince Harry’s tour of the U.S. last May was exciting for everyone. I had taken a break from HWW a month before it was announced as I was feeling burnt out but quickly came back once Clarence House spilled the beans. He was hitting up DC, Colorado, NJ and NYC. It sounded epic.

Getting on a plane for real-life royal watching (unless it was something historic like a wedding) seemed ridiculous. But then my friend Kelly (@royalreview) and I started talking about it and it began to sound like fun. We did cover royals via blogs and Twitter and it was rare to have one visiting the states so extensively so… I agreed I would go to Colorado Springs for the Warrior Games if she did too. It was set.

At the time, my twitter feed was featured on the Royalist’s page at the Daily Beast. Since he wasn’t coming over to cover the events he agreed to let me be his boots on the ground in order to provide some social media input. Kelly also was dispatched for Celebuzz. Now we had real reasons to go!
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Two Princes in the Dirty

Before I get started note that I don’t plan on reviving @hwaleswatch. Tweeting every news item that pops up and letting you know that Prince Harry just farted at the All Star Lanes or bought a frappucino two minutes ago takes too much time (also: boring.) Okay, I lied. I succumb too easily to peer pressure and am apparently a masochist. I’m giving @hwaleswatch a trial run to see if I really want it back in my life or not.

But I’ve been unable to completely give up royal watching and my resolve to do so is tested by constant pleas to start tweeting again. So I’m thinking of blogging here semi-regularly just to get my royal ‘pinions out there. This would also spare my non-royal twitter followers who DGAF about the Kardashians of Kensington Palace. ( I just coined that term on my other blog. You like it?) Maybe there will even be some guest bloggers now and then.

Let’s do it. This week was all about the clusterfuck in Bluff City (oh and a breakup.) No pics this time as I don’t have time to run around getting permission to use photos you’ve already seen.

For the tl;dr types, here’s your DM-style bullet points:

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Keep working that free throw line, Hazza

Today was a busy day for Harry, Will & Kate watchers. I love seeing them together but there needs to be a better name for them than Three Musketeers. Ideas? Oh, also, have you seen the new website for their foundation? Love it.

Anyway, too much going on today for me to have kept up with tweets. Combine that with the fact that TWITTER WAS DOWN!! For about three hours. For realz! Even NPR had to comment on it. It made me feel disconcertingly anxious. Anyway, beaucoup links ahoy! Continue reading Keep working that free throw line, Hazza

“Prince Harry Gets Inked & Zara Gets Hitched” News roundup, 25 July – 31 July

More details were released this week on the upcoming comic book and graphic novel being released on August 24th. “The Royals: Prince Harry,” is the latest biographical title from the same company who inked William and Kate this spring. . Early reaction seems mixed. Some people dislike the released cover art (hello, it’s a comic not the NPG) others question the worthiness of Harry as comic book hero. The latter is just laughable. Was there ever a royal MORE worthy of being part of a comic strip? I’m looking forward to this. Any positive attention and admiring spotlight cast on him gets an A+ in my book.

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