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@HWalesWatch started in 2010. It was changed to @HWalesWire/Prince Harry Wire in 2014 because it seemed like a good idea. This blog is irregularly updated but we’re working on it.

Ms. HWW has been quoted among various sites such as The Daily Beast, Politico, and Der Spiegal. She consulted on and appeared in a Channel 4 documentary and was interviewed by CNN. Email if you’re a media person and want to talk to HWW about something royal-ish.


Capt Wales and the author in the same frame.
Capt. Wales, a secret service guy, and in the back Ms. HWW taking a picture.

Ms. S (aka Ms. HWW)

Ms. HWW does Web stuff for a living. She lives in the southern U.S. with her husband and a small farm of rescue animals. Her hobbies include following and participating in American politics, beating herself up for not being serious about writing or reading the tower of books on her nightstand, and arguing with humorless royal watchers. If you can find her on Twitter, give her a follow and see for yourself.



1935152_249697665458_5858498_nMs. K
Kris is still trying to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up. After spending 10 years as a Public Relations Consultant in areas including: professional sport, non-profit, National Defense (no joke), local government and business development, she ran away to live in India and become a yoga teacher. Kris now lives a schizophrenic life as a yoga studio + café owner, part time PR consultant, unapologetic fashionista, feminist, writer, snarky celebrity + royal watcher, wife + mommy. Kris’ work has been published in various magazines and national newspapers including Canada’s Globe and Mail. Born and raised on the east coast of Canada, she now lives in Western Canada with her husband and daughter.


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