Keep working that free throw line, Hazza

Today was a busy day for Harry, Will & Kate watchers. I love seeing them together but there needs to be a better name for them than Three Musketeers. Ideas? Oh, also, have you seen the new website for their foundation? Love it.

Anyway, too much going on today for me to have kept up with tweets. Combine that with the fact that TWITTER WAS DOWN!! For about three hours. For realz! Even NPR had to comment on it. It made me feel disconcertingly anxious. Anyway, beaucoup links ahoy!

The sports bit

In the a.m. (5 something here) we saw the Titillating Triplets kick off a new initiative called Coach Core to encourage young people to be mentors in sports. Harry’s free throw skills brought tears to my eyes. Of sadness. As did his belt.

The torch bit

Later, the Olympic torch swung by Buck Pal. It got to meet the Toothsome Threesome:

Finally, here’s some good blog write-ups of the day from Kelly, “On Your Mark, Get Set…”, and the truly-more-than-what-Kate-wore summary from Susan.




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