“Prince Harry did some stuff this week” News Roundup, 7/24/11

Although I have been working on some non-news posts, I haven’t updated the site in a couple of weeks because nothing’s really been going on in Harry Land. But yesterday brought official royal duties in the form of presenting the King George VI & Queen Elizabeth Stakes trophy at Ascot. There were lots of nice pictures, including a couple with his BFF Jake Warren, always a favorite with the ladies. Unfortunately, one of the horses, Rewilding, broke his leg and had to be put down. I don’t pretend to understand why. These royal sports don’t always sit well with my animal-loving side. Video from Ascot:

The Prince of Wales handed out medals to soldiers at Harry’s base in Wattisham on Wednesday the 20th. Harry was said to have had a private meeting with his father.

Rare Day, a production company in the UK, is working on a documentary chronicling Harry fans. If you’re interested in talking with them, especially if you’re in the UK, contact Emily at emily.hughes@rareday.co.uk. She took a couple of the shots above at Ascot. Lucky girl.

From the gossip-sphere… People UK claims Zara has banned Harry from bringing Flo to her wedding. Of course, the same was said about Chelsy a few weeks ago. Maybe Zara and Mike want to keep the guest list slim or, perhaps, Harry just wants to keep his options open.

Speaking of Flo, Heat had reported week before last that the two of them would be going on a Mediterranean cruise together this month. The timing seemed a bit of a reach but then this Greek television program claimed he was spotted on the island of Lefkada, Greece on Monday, 18 July. Multiple reports on Twitter place him at the ultra-exclusive Kimberley Music Festival around 16 July – 17 July and he was definitely in the UK again by Wednesday so it’s possible he was on a boat in between. If he was, I hope he brought some T-Pain with him.



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