“Prince Harry Gets Inked & Zara Gets Hitched” News roundup, 25 July – 31 July

More details were released this week on the upcoming comic book and graphic novel being released on August 24th. “The Royals: Prince Harry,” is the latest biographical title from the same company who inked William and Kate this spring. . Early reaction seems mixed. Some people dislike the released cover art (hello, it’s a comic not the NPG) others question the worthiness of Harry as comic book hero. The latter is just laughable. Was there ever a royal MORE worthy of being part of a comic strip? I’m looking forward to this. Any positive attention and admiring spotlight cast on him gets an A+ in my book.

We also got a glimpse of Harry in the flesh when his cousin Zara married rugby player Mike Tindall on Saturday in Edinburgh. Harry introduced the couple back in 2003 so this must have been especially sweet for him. Given Zara’s lack of title this was a private wedding – with snipers and police barricades. We did however get some nice glimpses of the guests Friday night at a pre-wedding cocktail party aboard the Britainnia and then Sunday morning was a regular royal parade as guests left Holyrood Palace. Harry looked rumpled in (stylishly questionable) double denim but not too worse for the wear as he was driven off in a white Jaguar.

Depending on which blonde’s side they fall on, gossipy sorts were alternately disappointed/relieved to see him show up solo to the nuptials. Online rumors have placed Chelsy back in Africa while The Mirror’s Dean Piper claims Flo was at the Kimberly Festival last week with Harry. (He and mates reportedly also dressed as the boy band Blue while there. Interesting.)

Speaking of festivals, this summer appears to be full of them for the rocking royal as he followed up his cousin’s wedding bash with a pop in at the Womad festival in Wiltshire. Twitter reports had him enjoying the crazy gypsy punks Gogol Bordello. And traveling? Going between the wedding and the festival he did a good turn for his family’s image by flying via easyJet. Cheap flights but do they serve peanuts?

The rest of the summer will probably involve lots of speculation on the state (if there is one) of Harry and Flo and whether he’ll squeeze in a holiday. During the Zulu war talk presentation he mentioned possibly visiting South Africa and Katie Nicholl thinks he might join Flo in Ibiza. Maybe he’ll surprise everyone and go to Fiji or something. Good on him if he does.

Look for more about the Harry comic later this week.


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