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Prince Harry in 2014 – Harry hits his stride with the Invictus Games

Call him the Royal Scamp, the Party Prince, or whatever title is on trend at the moment, but one thing is for certain, Prince Harry was crowned Hero this past September when his Invictus Games dream became a reality.

After attending the Warrior Games in Colorado Springs in 2013, Harry returned to the UK with what appeared to be a new sense of purpose. He assembled a team that would put together the Invictus Games – a sporting event that would bring together both active and veteran service men and women, from 14 nations, to compete in a number of different team and individual sports. What made these games different, was that the competitors were living with life altering injuries sustained while serving their countries. Harry, who has long been passionate about paying homage to those injured in the line of duty, was certain that in just 10 months, the first Invictus Games would come to fruition. While we all watched the Invictus story unfold, we saw Prince Harry grow into a mature and passionate advocate, leader and “proud dad” of not just the Games themselves, but the athletes that worked tirelessly to compete at a level of intensity that blew all of us away.

The inaugural Invictus Games were supported not just by Prince Harry, but by a slew of celebrities, and members of the Royal Family who flocked to events and watched from the stands. The Games were an unbelievable success, not just for Harry, but for all of the athletes that competed. Many spoke of how the Games gave them a new sense of purpose; the confidence to continue down a path that would see them realize a fulfilling life, post-injury. This was a true testament of the human spirit, a fire that was stoked in each athlete, and their families by sport, and by the dedication and passion exhibited by Prince Harry.

After the Invictus Games came to a close, Prince Charles was quoted as saying, “I’m incredibly proud of what my youngest son achieved at the Invictus Games. I hope he hears that.”

Regardless of what any of us think about Harry and his lifestyle, one thing is for certain, this is a young man that has a remarkable sense of conviction and a drive that is unwavering when it comes to a cause he’s passionate about. In 2014, we can say, that we all watched Prince Harry find his stride, before our eyes, with the Invictus Games.